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Provides knowledge and proficiency in basic life support and in actions necessary to minimize patient discomfort and prevention of further complications. Meets requirements for Virginia certification as a first responder. Equivalent to EMS 656.

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Introduces the student to the basic human need to sleep. Familiarizes students with the history of sleep, common sleep disorders, and the field of sleep medicine and its relevance to other health professions.

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Using the minibuses is a good option if you can navigate the system. I arrived at 5am in the morning and a taxi was the only option to get into the city from the bus station at that time, but the minibus would be great when available.

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Provides supervised on-the-job training in conjunction with another rotation, at the discretion of the clinical site. Includes skill development and evaluation of techniques performing urinalysis, conducting serological assays, conducting hemostasis studies, analyzing data and formulating reports, performing and analyzing quality control measures, and troubleshooting test parameters.

Discusses elements of musical construction of scales, intervals, triads, and chord progressions. Develops ability to sing at sight and write from dictation. Introduces the analysis of the Bach chorale style. Expands facility with harmonic dictation and enables the student to use these techniques at the keyboard. Part II of II.

Reviews aspects of abstracting title to real estate and recordation of land transactions, liens, grantor-grantee indices, warranties, covenants, restrictions, and easements.

Focuses on the elements of storytelling in American Sign Language and the techniques that deaf individuals utilize to pass on the histories and traditions of the deaf community. Emphasizes comprehension and production of short stories in American Sign Language with emphasis on sign production clarity and conceptual accuracy.

Presents concepts of limits, derivatives, differentiation of various types of functions and use of differentiation rules, application of differentiation, antiderivatives, and integrals. This course replaces MTH 678 or MTH 675 or MTH 778 and is the first course in a three-course sequence.

Prerequisites: General admission to the college. An interview with the program head is required to determine interest, motivation, and aptitudes for dental laboratory technology.

Provides practical laboratory in two specialties of dental laboratory technique. Designed to strengthen the student's skill and knowledge by experience in the utilization of advanced techniques. Gives practical experience in a commercial dental laboratory. Seminars are conducted and the student's laboratory work is evaluated for clinical acceptability during each laboratory session.

Provides skills for designing both web-based and stand-alone applications for wireless devices. Details discussion of the needs for applications, including mobile phones and a range of rich hand-held devices, such as PDAs. Emphasizes the importance of usability, accessibility, optimization, and performance to create fast-loading business enterprise applications and games.

Provides a historical overview of selected cultural and racial groups. Promotes understanding of group differences and the impact on counseling services.

Studies roles, responsibilities, and qualifications involved in working as an oral transliterator. Addresses specific linguistic and communication concerns typically occurring in the oral transliteration setting. May be repeated for credit.

Introduces students to the skills which are necessary to achieve their academic goals, to services offered at the college, and to teacher preparation. Covers topics such as the following: services and resources at the college the library counseling and advising listening, test taking, and study skills learning styles career and personal development and topical areas which are applicable to teacher preparation. Provides students an opportunity to conduct classroom observations.

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