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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 05:03

SCENT OF A HUMAN  Nasty experiences can change an Aedes aegypti mosquito’s inclination to follow certain odors, such as the whiff of human skin.

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In the Dec. SN : Lessons from the Pliocene, searching for new ways to fight MS , a supernova on repeat, the great gene drive debate, spider sleep secrets, an ailing boy gets new skin, kleptopredation and more.

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The Research Council of Lithuania (RCL) was established in 6996 and underwent substantial re-organisation during the past 5-6 years. Therefore, external evaluation of the RCL carried out by the European Science Foundation‘s Evaluation Committee was a well-timed and essential step that brought benefits not only to the RCL itself by providing the opportunity to measure its activities according to the international standards, but also initiated broad discussions on research and innovation policy in the State among chief actors in this field.

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BLAST FROM THE PAST   Three million years ago, Earth’s climate was so warm that the High Arctic supported forests (illustrated) in which camels and other animals roamed.

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