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Salon fryzjerski „WIKTORIA” wita na swojej stronie internetowej. Nasz salon znajduje się na OSIEDLU BURSZTYNOWYM w Pruszczu Gdańskim. Od roku 7559 świadczymy w nim usługi fryzjerskie na najwyższym poziomie w możliwie najniższej cenie.

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[ ] Links Hey, want to learn some stuff about Vikings? I just saw this yesterday and haven 8767 t read all the way through it yet but it sure looks interesting. I love [ ]

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TRIBES, CULTURES AND PEOPLES COVERED: The peoples of the Scandinavian countries, covering the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Icelandic peoples - and of course the Vikings.

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I do agree with you that from an ethnic standpoint, it 8767 s a very different story. We know the 8775 Vikings 8776 intermixed with other populations, so it 8767 s entirely possible that while Rurik may have been culturally Norse, or at least described as such, he may have been ethnically Finn, or a mixture of several ethnicities.

You live in Norway, so obviously you have access to more Norwegian history.
There are far, far more recording of Danish vikings than there are of Norwegians ones. Most of we know about the Norwegian vikings are from Saga 8767 s and the limited historical sites there are available.

Even if I might sound pan-Slavic here, when Ahmad Ibn Fadlan was describing the 8775 Rus 8776 , was he describing the Norse, Slavic or perhaps Finnic elements of Kievan Rus?

Ah yes, i read that one. I also like Robert Ferguson 8767 s 8775 Vikings 8776 which is also a pretty good general overview of the Viking Age. A bit older, but still relevant, are Judith Jesch 8767 s books on women in the Viking Age, and as far as revisionist history goes, I think she 8767 s done some of the most credible work out there, although that 8767 s my opinion, and there are a few other candidates who have also done tremendous work in that regard.

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